Compact Smoke house SMK 2000N

Compact type (S-2000)

The best selling compact smoke house with built-in door generator.. Fully microprocessor control (Aditec, Germany) and automatic damper regulator operation. It offers faster comingup time, easiler programming, effetive energy saving, less weight loss, and comfortable maintenance works. Most of the technical benefits of our industrial class smoke houses are inherited into this mini system with some extra functions.

- Fully automatic damper control
- Up to 180 deg.C thanks to special heaters
- Steam injection for steaming process
- Tool free maintenance
- Equalized cooking at every corner of the chamber

Industiral class DoorGen SMK 4000N

Standard 1 trolley (S-4000)

Quite space saving because the generator is built in the front door. All other features are the same as our state-of-the art SteadyGen smoke houses. Fully automatic and programmable operation. Reliable temperature sensing and control/feedback system offers "the system in your control".

- Fully automatic and electrically driven damper control
- Direct humity sensing and realtime feedback
- Smoke density detector and SDAT
- Noise free air circulation fans              
- Concrete infar-structure                             - Less smoking time better yield
- Longer cleaning cycle
- Choices on TFT display touch panel


SteadyGen Smoke house

In a close link with smoke density detector and its SDAT control systems, SteadyGen generator allows no incomplete combustion of woodchips, leading to stable and steady smoke generation. The woodchips are disintegrated just as much as necessary that results in less woodchip consumption and less emission issues.


SteadyGen Features

Perfect drying : the key to the perfect smoking.  Drying is not a simple previous step to the smoking process, but a decisive acting step to determine the quality of the smoking color. HICOOK smoke house makes us of its high speed air-circulation and its unique air-heat distribution know-how to perform even and rapid drying process throughout the entire chamber, promising the optimum smoking quality and less process time(less weight loss)


Cold Smoking SteadyGen

Cold smoking : There are increasing market demands for smoked fish products such as salmon while consumers interests on health issue are surging up.

Technically tied up with Lutetia experts(France) for the effective cold smoking process control, HICOOK offers reliable cold smoking systems with well-proven production know-how.

Cold smoking process requires more discreetness for production factilities because fish should be treated gently and also because cold-smoked fishes normally represent value-added expensive goods. HICOOK team can guide you how and where to go.